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Magic Cat Academy 2


Magic Cat Academy 2 is the second battle between a magic cat and ghosts, especially big bosses in this new version are extremely challenging to destroy.

Take control of your character and conquer challenges!

Magic Cat Academy 2 Challenges

The challenges in the second version are divided into 5 levels and you need to win 5 big bosses to conquer the whole game. First, you will face small ghosts. These ghosts are like Magic Cat Academy because they will have symbols on their heads. These symbols are their weak point and you only need to draw these symbols to kill the ghosts. The number of ghosts and symbols will increase over time. After completing the battle with the little ghosts, you will proceed to fight a boss at the end of each level. Bosses will have greater power than normal ghosts. To know about the specific characteristics of bosses, let's go to the next section.

All Levels And Bosses

The number of levels and bosses in Magic Cat Academy 2 is 5. You will participate in 5 levels corresponding to 5 bosses. Each boss will appear at a different depth.

  • You will face Immortal Jellyfish at level 1 where you are in the Sunlight Zone with a depth of 200m. At this depth, you can still see the sun.
  • Level 2 is Twilight Zone at 1,000m with Boops Boops boss. This boss is a large school of fish and they will attack you in different waves.
  • Level 3 is the Midnight Zone at 4,000m. The Big Boss of this fourth level is the Vampire Squid.
  • Level 4 is called The Abyss at 6,000m. At this depth, you cannot see the sun. You need to rely on the lights in a shipwreck to fight the Anglerfish.
  • Level 5 takes you to a depth of 11,000m where you face the final boss. On this level, you can see the ancient volcano where this boss resides.