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Adventure in iScribble.io to draw free lines and enjoy a thrilling journey with competitive gameplay with other players. Scribble's the best way to beat stress.

The iScribble.io Arena

In this online game, players will enter a closed arena with the same conditions.

The arena is surrounded by a blue wall creating a circular space in the middle. All your activities will be performed in this white area. To easily view the entire map, you can follow iScribble.io's mini map.

Inside the arena, each player transforms into a square with the ability to move and draw lines. With these two abilities, players will enter multi-player matches.

Multiplayer Scribble Battles

Let's learn about iScribble.io's competitive gameplay first!

Competitive iScribble.io Gameplay

All players will compete for the top rank on the leaderboard. To compete, players need to draw lines to occupy white free lands. The larger your land area, the higher your rank in iScribble.io.

During this process, iScribble.io players can compete with each other. It's like the multi-player matches in Tribals.io but the competing way is completely different. If a player crashes into a closed line, that player will be destroyed. Conversely, if you crash into an unclosed line, you can destroy your opponent.

Score, Best Score, And Killed

This iScribble.io game will display these 3 elements in the upper left corner. Based on this, you can see your achievements while playing this multi-player game.