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Tribals.io opens up an online wild multiplayer world to explore and survive. Starting with a stone, how much can your character grow and evolve?

The Tribals.io World

The online world in this Tribals.io game is unique. Players can return to the primitive age without any support items. The only item is a stone. For what purposes can you use this stone?

This new game is an ideal world for players to survive in primitive times. The way of life and survival can be reminiscent of the game Minecraft, but the characteristics of these two online games are completely different. Although you both need to survive and fight, the context and characteristics are completely different.

Play This Survival Game

Joining the game Tribals.io, players have two main tasks: survival and combat.

Survival In Tribals.io

Survival is the top task for players. Only as long as you exist can you perform other missions.

To survive, don't forget to collect food, items, and valuable resources. As you survive, you can explore this wild world of Tribals.io. In addition, don't forget to protect yourself from dangers and other players.

Fight Like Tribes

Tribals.io games include multiplayer, so you can team up with other players to fight or participate in individual competition. These two fighting ways will bring you new experiences in the primitive world.