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Run in the Gulper.io game to collect light dots and become the strongest player in this online snake world. Other players always wait for you to compete.

New Snake Game

Welcome to Gulper.io, a new snake game on our Geometry Dash SubZero website! Snake games are popular in the gaming world with famous versions such as Slither, Google Snake, or Hyper Snake. Being one of the names on this list, this Gulper.io game will bring you exciting fighting experiences.

In the game, players will still compete with other snakes but the design of Gulper.io is completely different from the rest of the snake games.

Features of Gulper.io

When talking about snake games, we cannot ignore the iconic multiplayer gameplay and this version is similar.

Multiplayer Gameplay In Gulper.io

This snake game has a closed arena and 10 players will appear in this arena at the start. You can follow the list of players through the leaderboard. However, the number of players will quickly change over time because of competition between players.

Players will compete with each other for the top spot in the Gulper.io leaderboard. To compete, you need to make other players crash into you and destroy them.

Dot-Collecting Feature

Besides competing, players can also collect free light dots in the arena. However, these dots only help you increase length. If you want your snake to become bigger, competition will be a must to receive more powerful dots.