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What The Hen


What The Hen is a strategy fighting game for one player. You need to plan to use the right warrior cards and attack the opponent's base to gain victory. This new game makes us remember to Like a King, another fighting game.

How to play

This What The Hen game is simple to control and fight.

How to control

In this online game, players just need to click on the appropriate card to activate that warrior. You can activate any soldier you want. However, you need enough energy to activate that warrior.

The sign of enough energy is that the card lights up. When the card lights up, you can click on it at any time.

How to fight

In What The Hen, after you activate a card, a warrior will appear. Each warrior will have different fighting skills. For example, you can use archers to attack enemies from afar or fighters to attack enemies at close range.

Your ultimate goal is to reach the enemy base and destroy it.

However, your enemies also offer warriors and monsters to prevent your efforts. Although the number of enemies is less than Vampire Survivors, it's still challenging. You need to fight and destroy all these opponents before reaching the enemy base.

Tips for What The Hen

To win each match, online players should pay attention to the following tips.

  • Unlock new cards for new combat skills.
  • Upgrade the level of your soldiers to attack more powerfully.
  • Always put warriors with close attack ability forward.
  • Place warriors with the attacking ability from afar in the back.
  • Follow the minimap to understand your route and battle progress.
  • Don't forget to collect gems and other useful items.