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Like a King


Like a King is an attack-defense game where you become a king to build your army and barracks with gold mines. Then, train your soldiers and destroy the enemy! This game is addictive when you cannot stop playing for a long time!

Addictive Attack-Defense Gameplay

In the Like a King game, the gameplay combines attack and defense to create interesting matches.

As you can know, you will become a king to build an army and attack enemies. To build an army, you need to start from gold mines that bring you income. After that, use the mined gold to build barracks that will provide you with melee soldiers.

  • To attack, you just need to connect these barracks to the enemy's base. Melee soldiers will move and attack enemies.
  • These barracks also have a defensive function because enemies must destroy all the barracks before reaching your main base.

With this style of play, smart strategies are essential to winning. Both defending and attacking will bring you great battles of wits with your enemies.

Some Like a King Notes

When participating in this online game, you should pay attention to some notes about the army.

  • You can build your army with multiple gold mines and barracks at the same time.
  • The price of the gold mine and barracks will gradually increase with each purchase.
  • Your area is limited, so you should also expand your territory.
  • The soldiers will depart after a certain period of time.