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Vampire Survivors

Play Vampire Survivors now to become a hero and fight off the endless attacks of vampires. Don't forget to collect loot to gain more advantages in battles. Battles in this action game will take place in an endless arena.

Endless Vampire Survivors Arena

In this action game, heroes and vampires will compete in an endless arena. In this arena, players can move to any location to attack and defend. On the contrary, vampires can appear from any location to attack you. These vampires can make you relive the scary feelings in Five Nights at Freddy's. However, Five Nights at Freddy's only has 5 animatronics while everything in Vampire Survivors is infinite.

In addition, there are a few special cases. When you reach enough levels in matches, the vampires can create a closed arena where your movements are limited. You need to destroy all the vampires in that closed arena to return to the endless arena. In a closed arena, the battle can become more tense and thrilling.

Conditions of Battles

In Vampire Survivors battles, you can become one of the following characters: Antonio with whip attacks, Imedal with magic attacks, Pasqualina with hammer attacks, and Gennaro with sword attacks. Each character has a different cost, so their attack abilities are also different.

In addition, players can also collect various items to level up with gems, unlock characters with coins, restore health with Pot Roast, and many more. In particular, battles will create conditions for you to complete achievements and open up favorable conditions for players.