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Trap the Cat


Trap the Cat is an online strategy game to trap a cat. Place the bricks in appropriate positions to prevent the cat from escaping from the playing screen. Are you ready to join each match and test your intelligence?

Strategy Game Series

Welcome to this new strategy game! If you are a fan of strategy games like Happy Glass or Sling Drift, it would be great to add this new game to your must-tried game list. Every game gives players interesting experiences and Trap the Cat is no exception.

Similarities with Statery Games

In Trap the Cat, you can easily recognize similar features to other strategy games and the first one is gameplay. In terms of gameplay, the game will always present puzzles and ask players to solve them. The puzzles correspond to the levels. However, in Trap the Cat, the game is not divided into specific levels. Instead, you can access new matches immediately after completing a match. They are not considered new levels.

In addition, the game also has simple controls with clicks. Each click will help the player place a brick.

Differences of Trap the Cat

The most striking difference is the puzzles and each strategy game will bring you its own challenges. For example, if you participate in Happy Glass, you need to time to fill the cups with water. In Sling Drift, you again time to make smooth turns in a speed game.

In Trap the Cat, you take on the challenge of surrounding a cat with bricks. Through these 3 games, players can see different challenges and each challenge will have its own fun and unique characteristics.

How to play Trap the Cat

It is easy to play this new strategy game. A cat is standing in the middle of the 11x11 game screen. You need to place bricks in this playground and make sure the cat cannot escape. However, this mission is challenging because the cat will move every time you place a brick.

Therefore, you need to deduce the cat's direction of movement and place bricks in appropriate positions.