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Sling Drift


Sling Drift is a special driving game with sharp turns and unique controls: tap and hold to make your car swing a rope and make turns smoothly. Any collisions are not allowed in this driving game!

Collision-Avoiding Gameplay

This Sling Drift game does not allow any collisions. Your car needs to be kept absolutely safe.

The roads will be complicated with sharp turns. You need to hold down the car to swing the rope into checkpoints and turns. During this process, it is not allowed to collide with the edge of the road. During this process, it is not allowed to collide with the edge of the road because any collisions will lead to the end of this Sling Drift game.

With this gameplay, players' driving ability will be challenged to achieve admirable goals.

Sling Drift Goals

In normal mode, this driving game is endless. It's different from What The Hen where you join battles at each level. You can drive until a collision occurs. Therefore, your goal is to win as many points and collect as many gems as possible. With these loots, you can aim for higher goals.

  • First, you can use gems to unlock new cars. In the Shop section, you can randomly unlock any car from 1000 gems. If you want to unlock an exact car, you will need 1250 gems.
  • Second, you can complete the challenges. Challenges are listed in the Challenges section. In particular, after completing 5 challenges, you can unlock Race mode to race with other players.