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Happy Glass


Happy Glass is an online puzzle game with 3 modes: Precise, Don't Spill, and Flippy Glass. 90+ different puzzles are always ready for all of you to conquer! Are you ready to conquer all these quizzes in this online game?

All Puzzles Of Happy Glass

This puzzle game includes 90 different puzzles and they are divided into 3 modes with different rules.

Precise Mode

Precise mode is enthusiasts of precision. In this mode, a cup is placed at the bottom of a water pipe. You have only one chance to press the button to fill the cup with water. During the pouring process, accuracy is extremely important as you need to ensure the following regulations.

  • The water needs to reach the finish line of the cup.
  • Water is not allowed to overflow from the cup.

If players violate either of these rules, they need to replay that level. The Precise mode includes 30 puzzles.

Don't Spill Mode

Don't Spill mode is the second mode with 50 levels. This mode has the most levels because it always attracts the most players to the challenge.

In this mode, cups are placed on blocks that can be destroyed with just one click. Destroy the blocks and bring the cup to the ground. During this process, you need to make sure the water does not fall out of the cup. The challenge of the level is the number and shape of the blocks.

Flippy Glass Mode

Flippy Glass mode includes 10 levels and it is the most challenging level in this Happy Glass game. In this mode, you need to drag your glass to move it to the target position while avoiding spilling it. You only have one chance to move. Besides, keeping the cup balanced is very difficult with this moving way.

Some Other Elements

In this puzzle game, you can customize your glass and water. You can change the color of the water to many different colors such as red, green, yellow, purple, or pink. In addition, the face can also be changed with a variety of expressions.

Another element is the sound section where players of Happy Glass can turn the sound on or off depending on your preference.

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