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Subway Surfers Monaco


Subway Surfers Monaco is a new Monaco version of the Subway Surfers series. Run across new lands and conquer challenges in this beautiful country!

How to play

In order to play this running game, you need to master the controlling way first.

How to control

In order to control Subway Surfers Monaco, you only need to use the keys below.

  • UP ARROW - Jump
  • DOWN ARROW - Slide
  • LEFT ARROW - Move to the left
  • RIGHT ARROW - Move to the right
  • SPACEBAR - Use items

These keys are basic to online games so you can master them easily. However, to get high achievements, let's focus on overcoming obstacles.

How to overcome obstacles

In order to overcome obstacles, you need to control your character to keep safe. For example, you can jump over obstacles, but sliding is also an effective way to move through dangers. In addition, you also can move to other lanes where there are no dangers.

As mentioned above, there are many ways to overcome challenges. Your mission is to choose the suitable way and do it in time. This challenge is different from challenges of Candy Crush.

Features of Subway Surfers Monaco

  • Endless gameplay with Monaco roads.
  • New challenges, but familiar controls.
  • Various items and missions to get high achievements.

In addition to this Subway Surfers version, you also can join Duck Life, another running game with many similar features.