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Candy Crush


Challenge your connection abilities with thousands of levels in Candy Crush! Meeting the candy number and point requirements of each level is your task.

Candy Crush Introduction

Candy is a favorite item of children. However, they become the target object for even adults when participating in this Candy Crush game! The goal of all players revolves around candy.

This candy world is also very special because players can enjoy a colorful candy world and powerful power-ups. These items quickly became a feature of this Candy Crush game.

The popularity of this candy game is undeniable and it appears on many platforms with many different versions. Now, to create a more convenient environment, our Geometry Dash SubZero website also offers an online Candy Crush version.

Immerse Candy World

This Candy Crush world opens with a candy city full of levels.

The City Full Of Levels

After each level, you can return to your candy city where the levels are presented. Each level will appear along the city. When you complete a level, you can expand your city and explore new candy lands. These lands will be full of challenges but they also bring you endless fun.

How To Conquer Candy Crush

Each level of this game will require you to collect enough points, candy, or some other items. You need to connect at least 3 identical candies to meet these game requirements. Note that the Candy Crush game does not have a time limit but it does limit the number of moves per level.