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Duck Life


Duck Life depicts the life of a duckling who is trying to practice his flying, running, and swimming skills to win the upcoming competition.

3 Ducking's Skills

The ducklings will normally enjoy a peaceful life on the farm. However, in this online Duck Life game, the duckling will become a main character with a noble mission.

The Story of a Little Duck

In Duck Life, your main character is a duck who wants to rebuild the farm. To fulfill this wish, the duck needs to win a prize in the upcoming competition to have funds to upgrade this farm. It makes us remind to Angry Birds who also have a noble task to rescue other birds.

That is a noble wish of a duckling. Please accompany him and conquer this dream!

Start Practicing Duck Life

There are 3 basic training lessons corresponding to 3 skills: Flying, Running, and Swimming. These skills all need to be practiced to master before entering challenges.

For the Flying skill, you will jump from a cliff and try to fly as far as possible. In Running training, you will run on an endless grass field with obstacles. Finally, you will practice swimming in an infinity river where obstacles appear both above and below the water.

Official Competition In Duck Life

When your duck enters an official match, you need to apply all your skills to conquer the road. The tracks will cover a variety of terrain such as mountains, lakes, and plains. Therefore, all three skills will be thoroughly applied.