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Geometry Dash 2


Geometry Dash 2 continues the success of the first version, Geometry Dash to bring players thrilling races with iconic obstacles: spikes and blocks.

Geometry Dash 2 Introduction

To introduce this second version, let's review some key details about the Geometry Dash series. This online game series has been famous for many years and it is still among the most popular games. To achieve this achievement, thrilling and exciting gameplay contributed a lot. In addition, the Geometry Dash game also has many iconic features that only appear in Geometry Dash. When mentioning these features, players will always mention Geometry Dash first.

For example, a geometry character with its jumping ability is a unique character in the diverse gaming world. Players always come to this online game when they want to transform into geometry.

This version of Geometry Dash 2 also has similar features to previous versions. However, some differences are clearly shown in this second version.

Differences Of The Second Geometry Dash Edition

Change Of Geometry Dash 2 Level

The second version offers more levels than the first version. Instead of 3 stages, you can conquer 5 worlds corresponding to 5 levels in Geometry Dash 2. These levels all represent a challenge for players to conquer.

Play In Order In New Geometry Dash

You cannot choose any level you want as the first version. Instead, the Geometry Dash 2 game requires playing in order from World 1 to World 5.

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