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Geometry Dash World


Geometry Dash World helps you realize your dream of conquering the whole world by masterfully controlling your character and overcoming all obstacles.

The challenges and gameplay in this game are typical of the geometry dash series although they have some innovations. You seem to travel through all the released versions and come back to the original version with key features.

Key Features Of Geometry Dash World

The game features are similar to the traditional gameplay of the geometry series as you continue along the thorny paths. You keep moving through a series of spikes, spinning wheels, and saws to reach the end of a level. While moving, you will have the opportunity to experience unique ways of moving from jumping to flying. In particular, the outstanding features of the level, character, and world map are not to be missed.

New Levels Of Geometry Dash World

Coming to this new version, you will see a larger number of levels than Geometry Dash SubZero when you have 5 available levels to access. Each level will bring its own unique characteristics and some outstanding levels will be discussed in detail in the next section. 5 levels include Space Pirates, Striker, Embers, Round 1, and Monster Dance Off. Through the name of each level, you can also see somewhat the different characteristics between them. You can play any level without order. Note that the level will not have the Practice mode for you, so you will come to the Official mode immediately after clicking on a level.

Character And World Map

This new version will give you new skins for your character. As you may know, your character can change its movement and shape after moving through the portal. This change is not only fun for the players but also a challenge. Besides, the increase in the number of characters also leads to an increase in the number of skins. Customize your character by changing its skin and color.

Finally, the world map is designed based on the previous levels with improvements. You will face more complexities of the obstacle diagram and the challenge to control is also higher.

Two In-Game Outstanding Levels

The first level is Space Pirates with the theme of space and various obstacles. In this level, players need to navigate their characters through moving platforms, spikes, and lasers. The map will be divided into different parts and you need to jump and fly to conquer all of them. Besides, one of the outstanding features of the first level is the music. Level brings you a techno-style remix based on the song Pirates of the Caribbean. This song is extremely familiar to movie enthusiasts. When participating in the Space Pirates level, you seem to be conquering the sea lanes like real pirates.

The second standout level is Monster Dance Off with a Halloween theme setting with lots of monsters and spooky elements. Instead of ocean cruises, you'll now return to the streets of Halloween with a catchy electronic dance track. This upbeat soundtrack will take you to more thrilling adventures. At this level, you can experience colorful backgrounds, unique animations, and fun characters while traveling on long and dangerous roads.