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Christmas Rush


Run in Christmas Rush to collect various gifts for Santa and avoid obstacles on your endless way. Christmas is coming and Santa needs your support!

Christmas Game On Our Website

Because Christmas is coming, Xmas games are becoming a trend. Welcoming this trend, our website provides players with a number of related games.

First, the Five Nights at Christmas game is stirring up the gaming world with the combination of the Five Nights At Freddy's series and the Christmas theme. The game remains the familiar survival gameplay for 5 nights, but it has changed the location and context to fit Christmas.

In addition, the second popular choice is VEX 3 Xmas where you can test your mobility with stickman through Acts. This game is inspired by the famous Vex series.

Play Christmas Rush Online

This online game has traditional running gameplay but it brings novelty through design and theme.

Xmas Running Gameplay

Santa will be the main character in this running Christmas Rush game. When you start the game, you will control Santa to collect gifts and avoid obstacles along the way.

The gifts will correspond to your score while the obstacles are dangers. You can collect as many gifts as possible while staying as far away from obstacles as possible.

In addition, there are power-ups with star shapes. You can collect these stars to help Santa fly.

How To Control Christmas Rush

Controlling Santa is easy with two up and down arrow buttons to change lanes.