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VEX 3 Xmas


Play VEX 3 Xmas to enjoy the upcoming Christmas with the stickman character. There are still familiar challenges, but the Christmas atmosphere is filling! How far can you run in this new Vex version?

The Vex Series

The Vex series is a famous online game series with typical stickman characters and challenges. This game series has always been famous for its extreme challenges in a platform world. Your stickman character will run through each Act to conquer the challenges.

This game series has released many different versions from Vex 1 to Vex 7. On the occasion of the upcoming Christmas, an Xmas version is released to bring a fun Christmas atmosphere to all players.

New Xmas Version

In VEX 3 Xmas, the Christmas theme will cover the entire game.

In-Game Christmas Atmosphere

You can easily see gift boxes, Christmas trees, stockings, and colorful candy. Every design is reminiscent of the coming Christmas. A fun atmosphere for a meaningful holiday is waiting for you to discover!

How To Run In VEX 3 Xmas

Although this new version has new features, the gameplay is similar to other Vex versions. This VEX 3 Xmas game is still a running game like Geometry Dash Subzero. You will still control your stickman character to slide, run, jump, climb, and overcome all challenges. There are Acts, checkpoints, and trophies waiting for you to conquer. Are you ready to join this VEX 3 Xmas game?