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Five Nights at Christmas


Are you ready to get Xmas gifts from animatronics in Five Nights at Christmas? This Christmas FNAF edition will bring you 5 memorable Christmas nights!

FNAF Game Series

FNAF stands for Five Nights At Freddy's, a survival horror game series with 8 different versions to date. Each version has its own storyline with unique survival nights. In particular, the storylines are interconnected and help you discover the mystery of Freddy's pizzeria.

In this online series, players are always impressed by the original Five Nights At Freddy's version where all the stories begin. The 5 nights of a night guard start with cameras, lights, and doors.

However, in this Christmas version, players will experience a new space and playing conditions.

Features Of Five Nights at Christmas

With the similar survival gameplay to previous FNAF versions, this new version makes itself more special through its theme and playing conditions.

Horror Christmas Theme

Like VEX 3 Xmas, the Christmas atmosphere is covering Five Nights at Christmas with decorative lights, Christmas trees, or fireplaces. You are in a cozy house preparing for a peaceful Christmas.

However, the horror theme affects this game as windows start to open on their own. Something is coming and you need to be prepared to face any danger.

Five Nights at Christmas Conditions

To face the dangers, this survival game provides the players with several conditions. First, the time each night is limited, you just need to try to survive until the end of this time. Second, you can interact with surrounding objects to find useful items like flashlights. In particular, you can close windows to prevent upcoming dangers.