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Vortelli's Pizza


Vortelli's Pizza is a pizza game where you deliver pizza to a pizzeria, but you have to make the pizza while avoiding obstacles in the process. Are you ready to join a new pizza-related game?

Some Pizza-Related Games

On our website, there are some pizza-related games including Google Doodle Pizza and Pizza Tower. Both of these games are famous for their attractive gameplay.

In Google Doodle Pizza, you will use your cutting skills to cut a pizza into many different pieces. During the cutting process, let's make sure that there are enough pizza pieces and that each pizza piece only has the required ingredients. The special thing about this game is the size of the pizza pieces. Pizza slices can be of different sizes.

In Pizza Tower, you will participate in adventures with Peppino, an Italian chef. Your opponents are dangerous pizzas with powerful attacks. In this action game, you not only need to win pizza battles but also move through the mazes in the tower.

Vortelli's Pizza Game

Returning to the main game today, players will transform into an online chef to make pizzas and transport them to the pizzeria.

You'll start with simple pizza dough. Then, along the way, you can collect other ingredients like tomato sauce, cheese, and other toppings. Besides collecting ingredients, you will also move through machines to shape and bake pizzas. These steps are extremely important to complete each level.

Finally, don't forget to avoid obstacles that can reduce the number of your pizzas. The number of pizzas will directly affect your achievements.