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Tunnel Rush

Tunnel Rush is a challenging speed game for all players to conquer high scores. The greatest challenge is endless red obstacles with countless shapes! Let's be ready to test your interaction with the fast-rotating speed of the tunnel!

Tunnels With Fast Spead And Many Colors

This Tunnel Rush game will allow players to move through tunnels at high speed. The tunnels are impressive with so many different colors. The colors are combined together in the same tunnel. Moreover, the tunnels will change with each route you move. As a result, you will have the opportunity to experience a colorful and eye-catching gaming world.

Besides, the speed of the tunnel is a prominent factor that makes the game more attractive. Your next challenge is the tunnel which will continuously move at high speed right from the start of the game. New players will face challenges getting used to this pace. However, this high speed makes you excited to conquer the arduous roads ahead.

Red Obstacles Of Tunnel Rush

Besides the high speed, this running game also challenges players with a system of obstacles. All obstacles are red with the following two prominent features.

  • The shapes of the obstacles vary from triangles to spheres. These shapes will create different exits for you to move through. When controlling with the arrow keys, you need to pay special attention to this shape and size to safely move through obstacles.
  • Red obstacles can rotate around the tunnel at different speeds. This movement requires players to have high judgment to predict the location of a safe exit. If you cannot predict, it will be easy for a collision to occur and the game will end. This ending will not help you achieve high achievements in an endless game, so try avoid it.