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Thumb Fighter Halloween

Thumb Fighter Halloween is the Halloween version of the Thumb Fighter game. You will compete with the power of your thumbs in a spooky Halloween environment. This game not only competes in strength but also competes in skills and tactics.

Competition In Thumb Fighter Series

The competition in this Thumb Fighter Halloween game is also divided into two factors: strength and tactics. These 2 factors are so important for thumb fighters to gain victory in matches.

Use Your Power To Win Thumb Fighter Halloween

Strength is important to win because you need to take down your opponent. How to take down your enemies? You and your enemies will each have a strength bar and a health bar.

  • The strength bar can fluctuate continuously based on your energy source.
  • The health bar will be 100% full at the start of each match. It will decrease if you are attacked.

To win, you need to use as much force as possible to press down on your opponent's thumb until the enemy's health bar is depleted. However, it is not easy and you need effective strategies.

Effectiveness Of The Enemy's Loopholes Strategy

In competitions, besides personal skills, effective strategies also play an important role in winning. In this Thumb Fighter Halloween game, to win, you need to take advantage of the enemy's loopholes when lying down and take advantage of the strongest energy to attack. Besides, it is also important to have large energy sources to attack.

To get energy, you need to lie down or attack your opponent so your power bar changes. If you just stand still, your power bar will not increase.

Halloween and Other Elements In Thumb Fighter Halloween

In addition to competition, the Halloween theme is notable in this game. The characters are cosplaying as monsters, witches, or demons. Besides, this Halloween theme is also clearly shown through the background. You can choose any background like Random, Cemetery, Catacombs, Cave, and Cabin. To change the background, just click on the current background name at the top of the screen after selecting the mode.

This Thumb Fighter Halloween game offers you 2 modes including P1 vs P2 and P1 vs CPU. Two modes differ in terms of your opponents. To control your thumb in modes, you can follow the two instructions below.

  • P1 - A key
  • P2 - L key

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