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Halloween Geometry Dash


Halloween Geometry Dash provides a thrilling Halloween world for all players to run while exploring spooky areas with pumpkins, witches, and bats.

The Difference Of This Version

Compared with Geometry Dash Meltdown, you can see a lot of differences between the two versions. First, the theme of the game will take you to a new world with ghostly images. Let's leave the next section to talk more about this content!

Second, this version has various levels which other custom versions do not have. Usually, fan-made versions have only one level or one Practice mode and one Official mode. However, when coming to this new version, you will have 7+ levels to conquer. You must play in order to complete each of the game's challenges. In the playing process, you can greatly improve your control. In particular, each level doesn't have the same map and obstacles, so you will be never bored.

Theme Influences On Halloween Geometry Dash

This Halloween theme features spooky and eerie backgrounds, with dark and foreboding colors such as black, gray, purple, and orange. The game's iconic cube, ship, ball, and UFO characters could be redesigned to look like classic Halloween creatures such as ghosts, bats, witches, and skeletons.

The levels could be designed to look like haunted houses or graveyards, with creepy and unsettling obstacles such as cobwebs, tombstones, and ghosts. The music could also be changed to fit the Halloween theme, with spooky sound effects and eerie melodies.

The player's goal could be to collect candy with witch images instead of coins, and the end of the level could feature a boss battle against a powerful Halloween-themed monster such as a giant pumpkin or a vampire.

Overall, the Halloween theme is a fun and exciting way to celebrate the holiday, while still maintaining the game's challenging and addictive gameplay.