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Temple Run 2


Temple Run 2 is a single-player running game to escape from a monster guarding an ancient temple with 4 main skills: running, sliding, jumping, and swinging. This online game will challenge the control ability of all players to master these skills.

Master Main Skills

As mentioned above, your character will possess 4 main skills including running, sliding, jumping, and swinging. Each of these skills is important for conquering different terrains and obstacles.

  • Running is the first major skill on this list because you will be running mainly throughout the journey. To run, you will use the AD or Left&Right arrow keys to navigate your character.
  • Sliding skill will help you get over high obstacles. To perform this skill, you just need to use the S key or the Down arrow key. Your character will slide for a short time.
  • Jumping skill is the opposite of sliding skill when you use the W key or the Up arrow key to jump over low obstacles.
  • Swinging is the ultimate skill. This skill is often used to overcome high cliffs. To perform a rope swing, use the W key or the Up arrow key.

Temple Run 2 Sections

In this running game, there are familiar sections for players in the previous version. On the main screen, you can see Stats, Settings, Challenges, and Abilities.

  • Stats are information about your character over all runs.
  • Settings allow you to set music and sound volume.
  • Challenges are where you can receive daily rewards.
  • Abilities are superpowers that you can buy with coins and use during your journeys.

At the end of a trip, you will see a summary table with 3 main factors: Score, Distance, and Coins.