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Slope 2


Slope 2 is a famous slope game inspired by the Slope Game. This second version brings endless slopes and moving obstacles like the original version.

About Slope 2

Welcome to this second edition of slope! This version is developed from the first slope version with many features.

Yellow neon city

In this Slope 2 version, the slope city is designed with a striking neon yellow color. It is different from the first version where the slopes and buildings were designed in neon green. The change in color creates unique characteristics for each version. When you talk about the second slope version, you might remember the first neon yellow. It is a basic feature but easily leaves an impression on online players.

New slope challenges

This version of Slope 2 also gives players many experiences with new challenges. The slopes are endless to challenge the players' control abilities. In addition, these slopes have new obstacles. Moving obstacles stand out. These obstacles are a big challenge for players of slope games.

How to control Slope 2

Use AD or left and right arrow keys to balance your ball on slopes.