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Slope Game


Slope Game is an exciting speed game with endless slopes, challenging obstacles, and fast speeds. Can your control ability conquer this online game?

Features Of Slope Game

In the new online game, the most prominent features are slopes, obstacles, and speed. Let's learn about each of these characteristics together.

Slopes Of Slope Game

Slopes are an indispensable feature in this speed game. Players will control a ball to roll on slopes. Therefore, slopes are essential for you to do races.

The slopes in Slope Game often change in size and shape. They can be straight tracks, but they can also become crooked. Besides, slopes can also become tunnels. Players of this online game are always impressed with the changes in slopes. This feature is completely different from Tunnel Rush where the trach never changes.

Obstacles And Speed

In Slope Game, obstacles are red. Obstacles have a single effect: destroying your ball. If you cannot control your ball and avoid obstacles, the game will end immediately.

In addition, the speed of the Slope Game is also a significant feature. The speed will become faster and faster over time. Therefore, this game is considered a control test to adapt to the moving speed.

Control Of Your Ball

In Slope Game, you can control your ball by using AD keys or left and right arrow keys.