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Stickman Escape


Play Stickman Escape to escape from prison. Not only are you hunted by the police, but you also have to overcome dangers such as traps and poison.

Miraculous Prison Breaks

Welcome to the Stickman Escape game where you take on challenges to escape from prison!

Do you know what you will face if you participate in this adventure game?

You will face police who are chasing you, traps where poisonous water awaits you, and obstacles that can hurt you. These dangers are always lurking on every path and you need to have appropriate solutions.

Because of these difficult challenges, players will perform miracles if they win all levels.

Stickman Escape Levels

This online game includes many Amaze Paint-like levels to escape from prisons.

How To Escape From Prison

The Stickman Escape game requires players to move to a destination to complete a level. Despite countless challenges, players can still win for your stickman character.

In terms of control method, you just need to use the arrow keys to perform many different movements to move such as jump, climb, and run.

2 Stickman Escape Characters

You are not alone in your escape journeys. There are two characters: red and blue for players but you cannot control two characters at the same time. Instead, use the Switch button to switch to controlling the new character.