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Amaze Paint


Color the white mazes in Amaze Paint to complete the game's challenging levels! The complexity of mazes will also make it confusing for you to move.

How To Move In Amaze Paint

To move through the mazes, you will use your mouse and drag. Remember to start from your square. After that, drag in your desired direction and your square will move in that direction.

This way of moving is not as easy and convenient as games using the keyboard. However, it is testing the patience of Amaze Paint players. Are you the player who can overcome this maze challenge?

Maze Puzzles

Maze puzzles are created thanks to their complex structure.

Structure Of The Maze

In Amaze Paint, mazes have many different structures and complexity depends on each level. Some levels only have 1-2 corners while others may have 10 corners. Changing the number of corners will lead to increased challenges.

To beat these mazes, players will face many challenges. In particular, players must also meet the requirements of the game.

Amaze Paint Requirements

This puzzle game requires you to color in all the paths of the maze. It is challenging because of the complex structure of the mazes. You can move through the same path over and over without being able to advance to new paths. Luckily, this Amaze Paint game has no time limit or number of moves, so players can still play comfortably.

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