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Liquid Sort


Pour from tube to tube to create the same-colored liquid in Liquid Sort! These puzzles will get more challenging over time with more additional tubes.

Liquid Sort Tubes

In this new version, you can choose tubes with many different shapes. Instead of a familiar tube, players can choose from squares, circles, and triangles. Besides that, the lighting effects for each tube are different, so players also have more diverse experiences.

Before starting Liquid Sort puzzles, the game will allow you to select your favorite tube by clicking on the arrow to change and pressing the Select button to complete. This tube choice is completely free.

Levels And Times

This Liquid Sort game is divided into many levels with a time limit.

Liquid Sort Levels

This new version stands out with an unlimited number of levels. Liquid Sort enthusiasts can challenge their minds with endless puzzles.

The diversity of levels will bring you wonderful moments of entertainment with many different challenges. Tubes and liquids are not duplicated at any level.

Limited Sorting Time

Unlike Happy Glass, each level of Liquid Sort has a time limit. With this timing feature, the game will speed up your thinking speed in different situations. It will bring you thinking benefits through an online game.

You should pay special attention to the time of each level because you have to restart from level 1 if you lose any level.