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Smash Karts


Play Smash Karts to start battles with other players while controlling your kart and using random weapons. A new multi-player arena opens to all players.

Smash Karts Introduction

Do you know this multi-player game with famous karts? This Smash Karts game is one of the most famous games in the world of multiplayer gaming with its exciting gameplay.

Smash Karts Gameplay

Entering this online game, players will transform into a character and drive their kart. You will drive karts in a closed arena where other players also participate. In this arena, your mission is to collect secret weapon boxes. You can't know what weapons are hidden in these boxes until you open them. Then, use this weapon to attack other players in Smash Karts for amazing achievements. Naturally, protecting yourself from other players is also an important task.

Features Of Your Kart

Your means of transportation is the kart, a familiar off-road racing car. With this kart, you can move with arrow keys or WASD.

In addition, your kart can attach additional weapons after collecting secret weapon boxes. This feature will help your fighting power become more powerful.

Create Or Join An Arena

This Smash Karts game allows players to create their own arena or join an existing arena.

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