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Rodeo Stampede


Rodeo Stampede is an online speed game with many different animals. Become a genuine cowboy and participate in exciting hunts.

Your Online Cowboy

In Rodeo Stampede, the main character is a typical cowboy and you will transform into this character. He always has a prominent cowboy hat and a whip to go on hunts.

In this gaming world, cowboys do not ride mighty horses. Instead, he would use buffaloes or zebras as a means of transportation. This special means of transportation has never appeared in Smash Karts. It is the first opportunity for players to experience this exciting riding feeling.

Now, let's join the cowboy on exciting hunts.

Rodeo Stampede Hunts

As the name of the game suggests, you will enter a chaotic wild world to hunt.

The Chaotic Hunting World

In the introduction of Rodeo Stampede, you can easily grasp the characteristics of this world. One of them is the chaotic world with animals. There are many different animals and they will constantly run on the roads. It is not easy to catch them and achieve high results.

Topography Of Rodeo Stampede

This online game also offers diverse terrain for hunts. Players can challenge their hunting abilities in many different environments and conditions.