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Rainbow Obby

Rainbow Obby is a multiplayer obstacle-conquering game. Let's become an obby to move, run, climb, and jump over all challenges in the rainbow sky. Are you ready to start this sky adventure?

The Sky Adventure

In Rainbow Obby, you will test your abilities in the sky. This gaming sky is a rainbow world with countless platforms. The first impressive feature of this tour is the rainbow. The whole gaming world is colorful with 7 rainbow colors. With this design, every player will feel more excited about their journey.

In addition, platforms are an indispensable feature of this adventure game because they create challenges for players. The platforms are arranged in many different positions in the sky. You can move and jump from one platform to another. However, there is a rule. The adventure does not allow falling. You have to return to the starting line if you fall out of the sky. Therefore, to win this sky journey, avoid falling at any cost.

Other Features Of Rainbow Obby

This online game also has other features such as multiplayer and bots. Multiplayer mode will bring competition to complete a stage. Each player's aggressiveness will be awakened to complete the sky adventure before opponents.

In addition, don't forget bots on your way. They can bring you useful items. For example, the first bot will give you skins.