Only Up is a challenging adventure game focused on continuously ascending higher terrains. Let's test your climbing ability with unforgettable challenges! This online game is one of the favorite games on our website. Let's join and experience your character!

Your Character In Only Up

Your main character in this Only Up online game can be a girl or a boy depending on the game. However, these two characters have one element in common: good climbing ability. Your character is designed with a unique ability: move according to the way you control. Your character will always go up with jump steps by using the spacebar. If you want to change the character's direction, let's use the arrow keys. This familiar set of hotkeys will stick with your every move.

In particular, the combination of control keys will create unique moves such as spinning or jumping high.

Conquer Every In-Game Height

In this Only Up game, the terrain will get higher and higher and you are responsible for moving to conquer these heights. The height level will be calculated by the game and recorded as your achievement. You can follow in the top left of the screen. At this position, you can also see the number of your points corresponding to the altitude.

While moving, players of Only Up have to avoid falling. If this happens, your character will return to the starting line and restart his journey again.