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My Halloween Park


Slide your mouse in My Halloween Park, come to the cemetery to pick up ghosts, and turn the houses into haunted houses to scare all surrounding people!

In this idle game, you will control your character, a stickman wizard, using your mouse to perform tasks.

Your Missions in My Halloween Park

Your missions include many different jobs such as transporting ghosts, collecting money, hiring employees, and expanding the area. Let's explore each of your tasks.

  • Transport: You need to transport ghosts from the cemetery to houses to turn them into haunted houses. After successful transportation, there will be guests coming to visit your home.
  • Collect: You need to collect money from haunted houses. After the guests are scared and run away, they will leave money behind and you can collect them. The value of money is important to carry out the next tasks.
  • Hire: It is possible to hire staff who will help you transport the ghosts from the cemetery to the houses. As a result, you have time to do other tasks.
  • Expansion: With earned money, you can build more haunted houses and unlock new areas. A new area called a haunted forest where a new spooky world is waiting for you to explore.

Some Notes When Doing Missions

This My Halloween Park game has some rules for the players. First, your transport capacity is limited because you can only transport 4 ghosts at a time. This requirement will limit your transportation ability, so you should upgrade your character to increase working efficiency.

Second, in addition to unlocking new areas, you can also expand your existing areas to build new haunted houses. The greater the number of houses, the more money you need to earn. Finally, don't forget a special character, Killer. This character can help you scare a large number of customers at once.