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Join the classic game Minesweeper to challenge your luck and ability to predict the location of mines. Can you find all the numbers on the board?

Minesweeper Introduction

This classic game has been around for a long time when the online world was just beginning to be explored. It is closely associated with the development of the internet. Although there are many new attractive online games like Monkey Mart and Badland, Minesweeper still retains its appeal thanks to its simple and interesting gameplay.

The classicity of this Minesweeper game is clearly shown through the graphics. The game does not have many bright colors. Instead, you will only see the gray of the board, the black of the bombs and the green and blue of the numbers. This simple design is an iconic symbol of Minesweeper in the endless gaming world.

How to Play for High Scores

Players always aim for high scores in Minesweeper. How to get a high score while avoiding bombs? Let's find out in the next two parts!

Minesweeper Gameplay With 8x8 Board

The game will give you an 8x8 board and all squares are hidden. Behind those squares, there can be numbers, bombs or empty squares. Your mission is to click on those squares and avoid the bombs at all costs. To avoid bombs, players also have effective skills and strategies.

Note that you just need to click on a yellow face to start a new Minesweeper match.

Strategies to Avoid Bombs

With an 8x8 board, players often face 10 bombs hidden in unexpected locations. To avoid these bombs, players should not consecutively select squares that are next to each other. The loss rate will be very high if you do this action.