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Merge Melons


Play Merge Melons to merge two similar fruits to create a new one with a larger size. You can create many new fruits until a giant watermelon appears. This gameplay is similar to Merge Fruit, but they have different features and significant fruits.

Fruits Besides Watermelon

In the Merge Melons game, in addition to watermelon, you will meet and combine many other fruits and there are a few examples below.

  • Melon: This is a cool green fruit, usually long and cylindrical in shape. When you combine two melons, they will merge and create a larger watermelon.
  • Peach: This is a bright yellow fruit, usually round and flat in shape. When you combine two yellow peaches, they will merge and create a larger melon.
  • Pineapple: This is a fruit with a large, yellow skin and pointed leaves on the skin. When two pineapples are combined, they will fuse and create a more papaya fruit.
  • Orange: This is a fruit with a bright orange color and sweet and sour taste. When combining two oranges, they will merge and create a larger dragon fruit.

These fruits create variety in the process of creating larger melons in the Merge Melons game.

Gameplay Of Merge Melons

Start Merging Fruits

When you start the game, you will see an empty board. Your task is to drop the fruits and combine two of the same fruit. When you combine identical fruits, they will merge together and create a new, larger fruit.

Goals Of Merge Melons

Continue the process of combining the fruits, you will see new melon fruits in increasingly larger sizes. The game object is to create a giant watermelon by combining smaller melons. When you reach the giant watermelon, you have completed the highest goal of the game.