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Master Sudoku


Challenge Master Sudoku with 6 levels to create perfect number sequences. The basic number-filling gameplay remains while many new features are also added.

6-Level Sudoku Online

Welcome to the Master Sudoku game, a new version of sudoku!

Master Sudoku Introduction

First, you can play sudoku online instead of playing with books like before. The benefit of the online version is convenience because players can play sudoku anywhere with their smart devices. Nowadays, almost everyone has a smart device, so this benefit of the online version is extremely huge.

Second, this online game gives you 6 different levels to enjoy sudoku matches. You can choose 1 of 6 levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard, Insane, and Inhuman. Each level shows its difficulty through its name.

How to Play in 6 Levels

The Master Sudoku game maintains a single gameplay in all 6 levels: fill the numbers in the corresponding squares.

This game will give you a 9x9 board where there are a few available numbers and a few missing numbers. Your task is to fill in those missing squares to create numbers from 1 to 9. However, when creating these numbers, players need to pay attention to some rules.

Some Master Sudoku Requirements

The 9x9 board will be divided into horizontal rows, vertical rows and 3x3 boards. Their common characteristic is that they can all contain 9 numbers from 1 to 9. Therefore, the first rule is to completely fill in all the numbers in the rows and cells. These numbers are not allowed to repeat in the same row and also in the 3x3 board.

Second, this Master Sudoku game allows players to correct the written numbers.

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