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Lunar Worm


Lunar Worm is a special snake game with an underground adventure theme. Let's explore that deep world with countless treasures to increase your survival time.

About Lunar Worm

Welcome to this platform video game where players control a worm on the moon! The main game theme is space exploration and adventure on the moon. However, your playing area is deep underground.

The Lunar Worm game offers a fantasy image of life on the moon. Players will experience unusual landscapes and explore locations filled with mysteries.

Through this, this theme creates a sense of wonder and discovery as players face challenges and obstacles on the moon. This is a new topic to learn about the environment and living things in space.

Control Your Worm Against Time

This Lunar Worm game focuses on two main subjects: worms and time. Your main character is a worm that moves underground of the moon. Control this worm with 4 arrow keys and collect underground items. By collecting items, you can increase your survival time.

Your time bar is burning in the Lunar Worm. Therefore, to achieve high results, players need to get as many items as possible.

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