Kite Drop is a special adventure game for kite-flying enthusiasts. In the game, you can fly with your kite based on the thrust of the wind generators. This game is unique thanks to its special flying gameplay.

Special Flying Gameplay

On this Kite Drop journey, you will experience the feeling of flying in the sky with your giant kite. The kite will take you to new lands and advance to the next levels. However, this kite also needs your control to continue its journey.

You will need to get the kite up high and avoid touching the water. To achieve this goal, you need to fly into the winds coming from the wind generator with 2 AD keys. These breezes will help you fly higher and away from dangerous water. Especially, if you can adjust the height effectively, you can collect a lot of coins.

Kite Drop's Ultimate Wind Generator

Your goal is to fly to the destination where there is a giant wind generator. This machine has great blowing force to take you to a new land. It also helps you fly significantly higher to immerse yourself in the vast sky. In the sky, there is also a lot of loot for you to collect. Therefore, many players always want to reach this destination with the last wind generator.