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Hop Ball 3D


Hop Ball 3D is the ultimate speed game to move fast at the speed of the song. Each of your jump moves creates an eye-catching effect with vivid sound.

The Speed Of Hop Ball 3D

This online game takes place at top speed and every element of Hop Ball 3D can move at different speeds.

The Moving Items

First, your ball can jump and move sideways based on your control. You cannot control the ball's movement speed like your stickman in VEX 3 Xmas. Second, the platforms can also move according to the speed of the song. During gameplay, you need to make sure your ball can land on these platforms. Therefore, the movement of platforms will cause Hop Ball 3D players to face many challenges.

Move In Hop Ball 3D

To respond to the speed of Hop Ball 3D, you need to move your ball using your mouse. As you move your mouse, you can move the ball left and right to find a safe landing spot.

Jumping Achievements

This Hop Ball 3D game is an endless game where you can jump on infinite paths. The game only ends when your ball cannot land on the platforms. Therefore, your performance is completely based on the distance you travel.

In addition, you can collect Hop Ball 3D stars to increase your achievements.