High Hills is a car-driving game according to the amount of available energy. How far can you go with this limited power and thrilling hilly terrain? This online game will test your driving abilities with special conditions!

Special Conditions Of High Hills

This driving game will give you special conditions including power sources and terrain. Each condition is a challenge and exciting experience for all players.

  • Your car's energy source is limited for each match. You can monitor the energy index at the top of the screen. The energy source will gradually decrease each time you move. You can collect energy potions along the way. However, these energy tanks are often placed in complicated locations. You will need dexterity to touch them.
  • The complex terrain will be a challenge for all players. The game includes many high hills for you to conquer. Moreover, there are obstacles on the way and your car will be destroyed if it collides with them. Therefore, you must be careful every time you move to protect the safety of your car.

Changing Cars During Each Trip

You can change cars during each High Hills journey. Each car will have different indicators of energy, speed, and safety. To unlock a new car, you have only one choice: drive and collect along the way. However, collecting cars is an extremely difficult task because new cars are extremely rare.