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Capybara Evolution: Clicker


Play Capybara Evolution: Clicker to enjoy wonderful moments of entertainment after a hard day's work. Click and see adorable Capybaras every second!

About Capybara Evolution: Clicker

This new game is inspired by the Capybara Clicker game where you click to create new Capybaras. The new game still follows the basic rules. However, there are new standout features and one of them is Evolution.

Evolution mode allows you to observe Capybara's development in each stage. The more you click, the faster your Capybara grows.

In addition to this clicker game, you also can join Cookie Clicker to have more experiences.

How to play the Evolution version

To play this version, you just need to use LEFT CLICK. This gameplay is simpler than 1v1 LOL where you fight with other players in a thrilling arena.

With each click, you can create new Capybaras. The number of Capybara is endless in Capybara Evolution: Clicker, so you can enjoy this adorable animal unlimitedly.

In addition, you can use Upgrades in the Shop section to create more Capybara.

For example:

  • Use pointer to +1 Capybar per second.
  • Use cursor to +5 Capybara per second.
  • Use double pointer to +20 Capybara per second.
  • Use double cursor to +150 Capybara per second.

In addition, there are many other outstanding upgrades such as Triple pointer, Triple cursor, etc. The maximum upgrade can be +15M Capybara per second. However, to use these upgrades, you also need to spend a certain amount of Capybara to unlock it. The amount of required Capybara is different for each upgrade.