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Halloween Hero Soccer


The rules of Halloween Hero Soccer

Join the soccer matches with monsters in Halloween Hero Soccer now. Defeat another monster by kicking the ball into his goalpost and earning more points.

Choose between two game modes

Before entering the soccer match, you must select the Versus mode or the Arcade mode. The Arcade mode, known as 1P mode, allows you to compete with the CPU. Meanwhile, the Versus mode, known as 2P mode, allows you to invite your friends to participate in the soccer matches with you. You and your friend can choose the monster characters freely. Like Thumb Fighter Halloween, the characters can be pumpkins, skeletons, Dracula, ghosts, Death God, witches, and so on. When two players are ready, you can click the Play button to start the funny soccer match.

Start the soccer match

In a soccer match, you and another player must control the characters to run or jump to get the ball. Then, kick the ball in order for it to fly into the opponent's goalpost. If you can get a goal kick, you will be rewarded with one point. Contrarily, if the ball flies out the goalpost, you will not score. In addition, keep in mind that the allotted time is 45 seconds, so your goal is to earn more points than your rival before the time is over. Good luck! Furthermore, I want to share with you Fishing Online 2023 which is also an appreciated game on this website.

How to control


Press the A-D or left-right arrow keys to run around the football course.

Press a W or up arrow key to jump high.

Press a Z or X key to kick the ball.



Press the A-D key to control the character to run around the football course.

Press a W key to control the character to jump as high as possible.

Press the N or M key to kick the ball into your opponent's goal.


Press the left-right arrow keys to guide the character to run around the football course.

Press an up arrow key to guide the character to jump.

Press 1 or 2 keys to kick the ball.