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Gold Miner


Play Gold Miner to pull as much gold as possible to reach the amount of each level. Can you meet the ever-increasing amount of money in this online game?

About Gold Miner

This new mining game is a simple and addictive entertaining game. In this game, players will play the role of a gold hunter and their task is to mine gold from the ground using a hook. In particular, you have to collect the required amount of gold within the specified time.

Game Details

Mining Rules

The rules of the Gold Miner game are quite simple. Players will move the hook back and forth and aim accurately. Your goal is to retrieve gold and other minerals from the ground. Each gold mine will have a different value, so players must consider and choose mines with higher value to earn more points.

However, it's not just gold that players need to get. During the gold mining process, players can also find support items such as nails, bombs, gold coin bags, time clocks, and diamonds. In particular, bombs in this mining game have similar features to Minesweeper to destroy items. These items can help players increase their score, the power of the hook, playing time, and provide other benefits.

Gold Miner Levels

The Gold Miner game has many different levels, from easy to difficult, and each level has a different goal and playing time. Players must utilize time effectively and properly evaluate distance and timing to successfully retrieve gold mines.