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Geometry Jump World


Geometry Jump World enters Dashlands and Toxic Factory with extreme challenges divided into 11 levels with two themes. Let's jump and conquer all 11 levels!

This game is inspired by Geometry Dash World, where you can experience a large number of levels. Coming to this new version, you have less number of levels but it allows you to advance to two unique worlds.

Geometry Jump World's Two Worlds

The two worlds of this game are Dashlands and Toxic Factory. Each world is a separate theme with 11 levels.

Dashland World is the first world where you will immerse yourself in a mysterious land with 5 levels. In this land, all creatures and habitats are normal in terms of visuals. However, lurking behind are deadly dangers. Your character will enter that world to conquer the journey. Your character will move at a slow speed and the background of the game is colorful. The color will change with each step you take. In particular, the obstacles will turn yellow.

The second world is Toxic Factory, a particularly dangerous world full of obstacles. The second world becomes darker with two colors black and red. The number of levels also increased to 6 levels while the number of obstacles also increased. With these two developments, all levels in the second land will challenge even talented players.

Note that you need to play each level in turn before reaching the last level.

Custom For Your Character

This game gives you a lot of skins for each of your characters. As you probably know, you will switch characters after each portal and it leads to 7 different characters. For each character, the game will provide a large number of skins. For example, the Cube character will have 10 skins while the other 10 skins are for the Ship character. The UFO, Robot, Spider, Wave, and Ball characters are similar. In particular, these skins are completely free for all players. You do not need to unlock and perform the quest. Besides, the developer will continue to update more new skins in the near future.