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Geometry Dash Trump Circles


Geometry Dash Trump Circles offers endless loops because the difficulty of the game will make you play over and over again until you complete 100% of the track.

Instead of meeting all ages, this game is geared towards skillful players to conquer the challenges.

The Circles of Repetition

Like other versions, this new version also gives you familiar obstacles like spikes, blocks, or cogs. However, the arrangement is completely different and we can compare it with Geometry Dash World to see this clearly.

In Geometry Dash World, you will participate in different levels and the first Space Pirates level will give you the ability to fly to move through large and tall towers. You also need to move through spiky areas. This area is full of thorns on the ground and in the ceiling. Therefore, you cannot run and flying is the only way to move in this situation.

In contrast, this new Trump Circles version lets you slide down slopes on the ground and jump to overcome obstacles. However, these obstacles are extremely challenging and they can make you play over and over again. It is a circle when you have to go back to the starting line to replay. This will go on until you've completed 100% of the track. Why is this new version so difficult? Let's find out in the next section!

The Difficulty Of Geometry Dash Trump Circles

Versions of the geometry series have never stopped challenging players. It always brings you challenges and surprises from version to version and this Circles edition is no exception. The early stages of the game are a clear example of the challenge of this game.

3 spikes appear and they form a row. There is only a small gap before you continue to face 3 more spikes. After that, spikes will grow on blocks to form a dangerously tall barrier. To get over this barrier, the only way for you is to use the available jumping pad. Then, you will proceed to more challenging areas!