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Geometry Dash Puma Dash

Geometry Dash Puma Dash is Izhar's version of the journey where your puma-inspired cube will run over all dangers and reach the end of 5 stars.

Orange Background With Puma Dash Theme

That's why geometry versions are always focused on diversifying the theme and background for the game. For example, when you come to Geometry Dash Super Cycles, you will immerse yourself in a purple world with circles of repetition. It is the same when it comes to this new game with orange background and puma theme.

The level could feature a jungle or savannah setting, with the puma being the main character or obstacle that the player must navigate around. The orange background could be used to create a warm and vibrant atmosphere, evoking the feeling of a sunset over the African plains.

Alternatively, the orange background could be used to create a more intense and challenging atmosphere, with the level featuring difficult obstacles and hazards that require quick reflexes and precise timing to overcome. The puma could be depicted as a fierce and powerful predator, adding to the level's sense of danger and excitement. When you come to this version, you are like a fierce leopard always moving forward and facing all dangers.

Some Danger Examples Of Geometry Dash Puma Dash

Coming to this puma world, you mainly face the platforms at the beginning and all the dangers will increase as you go to the next areas. For example, you will see one long platform and two short platforms. These three platforms will arrange into a staircase above your head. You can move above or move below. The effect of the passage only appears when you advance to the next area where there is a jumping pad.

In particular, after that jumping pad, you will see spikes, saws, and arrows. They appear irregularly to stop you. Notice that the arrows will change your movement speed.