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Geometry Dash Lava Temple


Geometry Dash Lava Temple comes to the hottest world in the custom series as you traverse a treacherous lava-filled temple and jump to platforms.

This game always brings a sense of challenge to the players because it is combined with the element of lava, a dangerous object. Therefore, the difficulty of this game is 10 stars.

10-star Level Custom Of Geometry Dash Lava Temple

Welcome to the new top-level with a 10-star rating! The difficulty has increased as new elements are created and integrated by Michigun into the game. Let's dig into its topic together to know what led to these 10 stars.

The platforms in this version will be arranged like temples. In temples, you will see stairs and structures that will rise up. Similar to this structure, the platforms will be arranged in the shape of stairs and ascending. In particular, alternating between those stairs is always a deadly danger.

The first danger is the spikes. They will be placed on a few stairs and they do not have any rules. It is impossible to predict, so you can only use your quick reflexes to fight the dangers. Besides, lava will appear right from the beginning of the game. Lava pools alternate between the steps and there is a wide gap between the two safe places. You need to jump a long way to conquer this challenge. With just one touch of lava, your character will be destroyed immediately. How to conquer this lava challenge?

Conquer Way And Worthy Rewards

Many players want to complete all the stages in this version. However, it is not easy with Michigun's design. Here, you can check out some great strategies to help you complete this conquest!

Some Good Strategies For You

In Geometry Dash Lava Temple, the best method is practice, a strategy that can be applied to the entire version on our Geometry Dash SubZero website. Although you will face different dangers, the skills you learn will always be able to assist you. As you practice, you can learn the locations of obstacles, map structures, and lava zones. Through that, you can remember and avoid these dangers the next time you try. After that, you can also improve your reflexes to deal with unexpected situations. In some areas, you can see jumping pads, jumping rings, or portals. These items will create unexpected situations and make you face difficulties. Pay attention!

Besides, this volume also requires patience to get rid of any boredom. You may have to try it over and over again. Don't give up and you will win well-deserved rewards!

Geometry Dash Lava Temple Rewards

Like other versions, you can also get coins, scores, and stars to mark personal achievements. They will be displayed specifically on the main screen. This game has always received a lot of love from players. The proof is more than 11 thousand likes. Through that, you can see that choosing to participate in this game is extremely right. Run now and win valuable developer rewards!