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Geometry Dash Infiltrate

Geometry Dash Infiltrate is a custom version in the geometry dash series that is developed by Viprin with a 7-star level. Try hard to get the highest score!

The release of new versions is continuous and you can experience new journeys every day. Through it, you have a great entertainment method as well as it will satisfy your passion for geometry. Coming to this new version, you will join a new topic: intruders.

New Theme Of Geometry Dash Infiltrate

Each version has a distinct theme, and this version is inspired by the intruder. As you may know, geometry dash word refers to an online game where you control your character through numerous obstacles. Your character can transform through portals while obstacles can also move and change. A good example is Geometry Dash Shred.

In terms of Infiltrate, this word represents an act of approaching a target or place stealthily and undetected. You will need to use the skills to successfully achieve this goal. In conclusion, these two words combine to represent a battle between you and the obstacles. You need to move to the exit at the end of the path by avoiding all collisions with obstacles. It's like how you avoid the enemy from detecting you.

Continuing With New Challenges

Your "intrusion" will continue after you press the Play button. Your character will immediately run at high speed and it will face the first obstacle. There was a row of spikes on the ground and a high wall. It is impossible to jump over these two obstacles in the usual way. The game will give you a jumping ring to make consecutive jumps. Your goal is to jump on the wall and continue your journey. After that, blocks and spikes will constantly appear and so will the jumping pads and jumping rings.