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Geometry Dash Glorious


Geometry Dash Glorious is a new fan-made track from Kebabbo to tell about the Glorious Story with the Cube character running to the finish line.

The Glorious Story

One such narrative is the "Glorious Story," which follows a protagonist on a journey through a fantastical world filled with danger and wonder. The story begins with the protagonist, a young adventurer, setting out on a quest to find the source of a mysterious sound that has been echoing through the land.

As the adventurer progresses through the levels, they encounter a variety of obstacles and enemies, each more challenging than the last. Along the way, they also discover hidden secrets and treasures, which help them to overcome the challenges they face.

Eventually, the adventurer reaches the source of the mysterious sound, which turns out to be a powerful artifact that has been hidden away for centuries. With the artifact in hand, the adventurer returns to their village, where they are celebrated as a hero.

However, the adventure is not over yet, so the artifact has awakened a powerful evil, and the adventurer must once again set out on a quest to defeat it and save their world from destruction.

Through their bravery and skill, the adventurer is able to overcome evil and restore peace to the land. And so the Glorious Story ends, with the adventurer hailed as a true hero and the land safe once more.

Apply In Geometry Dash Glorious

After that interesting story, we can imagine the story of the main character in this new game. You will transform into the main character in that story to explore and conquer new lands while overcoming a series of difficulties. Try your best to conquer admirable glory! All your journeys will be supported by jumping pads and jumping rings. If you're curious about another story, you can come to Geometry Dash Duelo Maestro to have more experience.