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Food Grinder


Food Grinder is a running game where your character can move freely between 3 chains. Your task is to avoid the grinders that suddenly appear on those chains.

How to play

It's easy to play this Food Grinder game because its gameplay and controls are simple.

How to control

In this Food Grinder game, your character is a donut and you need to control this donut with the 2 keys below.

  • UP ARROW: Move to the above chains.
  • DOWN ARROW: Move to the below chains.

You can move freely between these chains to avoid obstacles. In this new game, your control and reactions are always important factors. If you can control nimbly, you can win high scores in this new game.

Gameplay of Food Grinder

This online game is endless where you can get the highest score possible. Grinders will appear in any chain at any time. Before they appear, the game will issue warning signs. You need to rely on these warning signs to move to another chain.

During the move, players should not forget to collect diamonds to gain more achievements.

If your character collides with the grinder, this online game will restart.

Features of Food Grinder

  • Endless gameplay with easy controls.
  • Get the highest score possible by collecting diamonds.
  • Unlock new skins for your Food character.
  • Choose a background for each play.

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